Wednesday 28 July 2010

New Trend: The Aviator.

Now, I've seen on a couple other girlies blogs these wonderful Aviator jackets included on wish-lists and so on. I actually saw one and gasped with joy at it in the Next catalogue the other day - now I can't get them off my mind!

I NEED to have one for the Autumn/Winter and although none of my choices are cheap, they are definitely investment buys!
(yes you read that right - £295)
Sold out online.
Also I'm not sure how I'd feel about real sheep skin.

Do-able: ASOS Leather Aviator Jacket - £110
This is my favourite and faux sheep skin.
I can't stop thinking about how badly i want to spend £110 on it!

This is the one I gasped at!
It's great if your on a budget to keep on trend, still great quality and great look.

What do you think will be huge for A/W '10?
I'm exciting seeing all the stores previews but I'm not wishing Summer away just yet!


  1. aww thank you for the wonderful comment :) i love leather aviator jackets i have one from primark that i have had for 5years that has a massive hole in the arm but i cant bring myself to get rid of it!

    :) head over to my blog and be part og my giveaway!

  2. I want an aviator jacket! nice post!

  3. do want! makes me look forward to cooler weather!

    xx, christen

  4. thanks for commenting my blog, :) i will be forever jealous of you if you visit jim morrison's grave. you lucky girl! take lots of pics.

  5. Thanks for the comment! :]
    I have been wanting an aviator jacket, also. The second one is my favorite!

  6. Considering the Burberry's aviator is over £2000, nearer £3000, I think you did well on prices, some of these aren't far off theirs.

    I want one so bad, bring on winter!

  7. I have one I didn't know it is a trend now. I'm happy, finally I haven't give to charity sth that I didn't use and it comes back in fashion.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Lets be blogger followers and share fashion tips.

  8. avaitor jackets are a must this winter! i know what you mean about them being so expensive, i'm hoping zara will do a version because their styles always look chic and last for ages.


  9. Love that Next jacket, what a great tip! Corinne x


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