Thursday 29 July 2010


I've been after the iconic L.A.M.B leopard print hooded jacket since it first came out, however it was selling for over $100.

So my day today was filled with pure joy when mine arrived in the post for the bargain price of - £15!

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L.A.M.B is the fashion line of Gwen Stefani, standing for Love, Angel, Music, Baby (Gwens' Harajuku Lovers). It hit runways in 2004 and is still going strong. 

The L.A.M.B fragrance remains my favourite fragrance ever - it's a shame it's been discontinued and even the company I work for has stopped stock of it :(


The whole jacket has a 'distressed' feel around the bottom and sleeves (don't worry it's supposed to!)
Inside is a fleece feel, so perfect for Autumn!


The L.A.M.B across the front and the Black Lamb logo are of a velvet feel.
As you can see mine needs a little scrub up but I can't wait to wear it!


"They love the way that L.A.M.B is rollin' 'cross my shirt!"
I couldn't resist the bargain and to sing that line over and over haha!

What designer bargains have you picked up recently? I have another one up my sleeve but still waiting for delivery so stay tuned!

P.s I know I said I might do a giveaway when I hit 75 followers - but I hit 75 today (which is amazing and I'm so happy!) SO I'm thinking if i can get 100 followers then I'll do a cool giveaway - so pretty please... go spread the word! x


  1. I LOVE GWEN! And L.A.M.B.! I can't believe you got that hoodie for $15! So cute!

  2. @Liz eee I love gwen too, been a huge No Doubt fan since I was about 7/8!

  3. ah i love no doubt so much and gwen rocks..such a bargain :0 x

  4. Hey :)

    Thanks for stopping by, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE your hair!! Would you believe I've always wanted to dye mine hot pink?? So much for that idea haha. I'm following too :)

  5. I love the blonde lady harijuku girl perfume.. Love it! Coconuts and sunny smells!
    Nice top! Baaad aaass! (like a sheep baa)


  6. Wooow! LAMB! I adore this!!! <3

  7. @Marthaamay Yes! I liek that too, altho my favourite perfume is the original L.A.M.B which is now really hard to come by :( we dont sell it where I work had to make way for the 3 ranges of HJL!

  8. wow, how on earth did you get this for $15?!

  9. @Eleanor Brigitte - Ebay! Basically nobody bid on it, it wasn't from a shop it was just a normal seller, alot of L.A.M.B is like ebay shops or items of Lamb skin/wool clothing so its hard to trawl through but i was persistent and got a bargain! x

  10. Love Gwen, she's always had amazing style.
    What a great buy...loving the leopard!

  11. Hi there, congrats on the followers ( new follower meeee)
    Love anything leopard print you got a bargain.
    I've got a giveaway on now so pop over and join in the fun xx

  12. awesome jacket!! Salt was good, although I'm not satisfied with the ending. Maybe because I expected more. I love your blog. Following now :)

  13. you make red lippy and blonde hair look good. i envy you.

  14. that is a cute picture of you! i wish i could pull off that look...

    have a great weekend!

  15. Absolutely LOVING that LAMB jacket! I love leopard and Gwen!

  16. I adore L.A.M.B and always get it from or They always have it in stock at it's about £12.50 for 50ml xx


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