Tuesday 30 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas


Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, I had such a blast, Ive been all over the place and what a wonderful time it was!

I know that showing off what you get for Xmas is a little bit braggy but I'm so nosy and love seeing what others got so I thought I'd share mine too! I was SO spoilt this year what I'm about to show is only a small portion of what I was given:

christmas gift haul
Sun photo frames, mood cuff, Astrology watch, Dream butterfly.
xmas haul
Kanken backpack (I've wanted one for so long!), Unsolved Mysteries DVD, Jo Malone candle and bath oil - OMG it is the nicest smelling set I've even encountered - true luxury! 
christmas gift haul
Bee mug (my new fave mug ever to hit my shelves), beefayre Winter candle, ThisWorks Deep Sleep set, Narciso Rodriquez edt (gorgeous smell, I've wanted this for years).

I got many other things and also a surprise trip to Glasgow in Feb (I'm coming for you Glasgow bloggers!) and a gorgeous yellow Rains coat. But my favourite gift had to be this beautiful, antique, taxidermy fox head from my mum:

antique taxidermy fox

I know it's not everyones thing but I love him so much, it's gorgeous!

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  1. So many gorgeous gifts! I love the mug and watch :O :O :O
    I'm thinking about getting myself a This Works Deep Sleep set, I've heard great things!
    My what I got for christmas post is now up on the blog :)

    Peach Pow XO

  2. You got some really lovely things, I am loving your fox! x

  3. Love the astrology watch and fox! It's tradition my sister buys me some taxidermy every bday/ xmas, this year she debated buying ten ferrets - not sure what I'd have done with them haha

  4. Loving the fox, I love to see when people have had gifts that are a little out of the ordinary... so much more interesting! The bumble bee mug is adorable too!

    Happy new year :-)

    Dayner x // mozzypop.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I love the mood cuff, I love anything mood related tbh.
    Let me know when you come and visit Glasgow, I can share some cool places to go :) x

  6. Love the fox head, so cool! You got some lovely gifts :)

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  7. Omgosh, that watch is amazing but the fox head is terrifying haha!!

    Tara x


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