Monday 1 December 2014

Prince's Christmas Cat Gift Guide.


So I came back from Devon last night and was mean't to do alot of blog related things there...howeverrr  I left my camera on (with the 'turn off automatically' button disabled) in my bag which rendered it useless haha!

Anyway today I have a little wish-list I've compiled but it's not mine - oh no! It's Prince's Xmas wishlist (or what I'd like to think he'd wish for as he's a kitty with good taste) which consists of items I've seen along my internet travels and think he would love:

Friendship Collar.
This is the BEST idea EVER! Basically your cat wears the collar and you wear the matching bracelet :') Bffs!
Cat Prince Throne.
HELLO this is a throne for a Prince...a cat called Prince needs this and only this royal treat to lounge on. Kitty Kit also have this Prince radiator bed too - so cute!
Cat Humpurr
A one-off or monthly subscription box - for your cat! This is such a cute idea, gifts for all the love they give you.
Cat Grass Garden
Prince loves to eat grass outside but now it's getting colder he prefers to snuggle up with us indoors. Bringing the outdoors to him - total diva!
Cat Mate Refrigerated Auto-Feeder.
If I spend one night away or am out all day/night I feel so sad like I need to go back and feed Prince so I usually leave loooads of biscuits in his bowl. With this you automatically set times for it to feed the cat and it keep meat cool!  

I'm sure if Prince had a clue he would agree with me that these are great gifts!

So it's already the 1st December and I have opened my Yankee calendar and I think I am burning one called Angel Wings right now which is a subtle Vanilla scent. What calendar do you have?



  1. Oh my goodness, Mae and I need the friendship set!

  2. Bloody love all these! :) super cute. I wish prince, dexter and binx could be friends! x


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