Sunday 7 December 2014

Homeware Loves: Henry's Future.

Hi there!

Hope you had a great weekend? I've been spa'ing all day but that's another post ;P

It's Sunday night and bordem got the best of me and I find myself browsing homewares for a home I don't have yet - again! Tonight had me on 'NotOnTheHighstreet' which is a site which basically sells EVERYTHING but it's all a little special. 
Tonight while browsing I found an amazing little shop called 'Henry's Future'. This is a family run company of artists and designers named after their son Henry - cute! 

After checking out the site I had to write about them as the designs are just what I'm into:

Brass Pot, Vase and Candle Holder - £9 each or £25 for 3
Cami Cameo Bowl - £40
I love the look of cameo glass, that porcelain look is gorgeous. I really want to join a pottery group at some point in 2015 to try my own hand at this amazing craft.
Ceramic Gold Tea Light Holder - £9
Although this is quite a festive looking piece but I love that tacky looking brassy gold.
Ori Folded Vase - different prices depending on size and colour.
In love with this design and the grey and min especially are gorgeous. 
Geometric Vase - £13
Im totally in love with these geometric babes! 
Hammered Copper Pendant Light - £150
The priciest of the bunch but such a wonderful statement piece!

I've never really use 'notonthehighstreet' before but it so good to browse and find amazing sellers and creators/artists like Henry's Future. I know I won't be able to get off the site now!

What do you think of these picks? Ever used Not on The Highstreet before?



  1. Ohh, I love Notonthehighstreet. I once got some amazing cacti candles on there, you'd love them!


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