Tuesday 24 November 2015

Feeling Thankful

This is a weird kind of year for me where it's not soon enough to think about Christmas and everyone around me seems to be super in the mood for it. I'm working Boxing Day this year so that means I'll be travelling back from Devon on Christmas Day and spending Christmas Night and Boxing Day on my own (apart from cleaning the cats) so maybe that's why I feel totally out of the loop.

The Americans have Thanksgiving (and the creepy Black Friday that us UK folk have seem to gone bonkers for in the past 2 years) which is this week, it seems to be like a little pre-holiday which I think would be amazing to get you in the festive mood. I was given an idea by Ocean about sharing some home-based things that I am thankful for, so here they are: 

My Home:

I haven't shared much of my house on here, I'm not sure why, I think it just doesn't photograph how I really feel about certain rooms. My living room and dining room are my fave, the feel is so cozy and I just don't think any pictures could capture how it really looks. Maybe I will do a few pics of close up things I love one day soon. The first picture in this post is in my dining room and shows my bookcase which is a highlight for me as books (or more specifically all of the books I own) are just something I love to pick up and browse through and  I'm forever collecting books on topics I am interested in. 

The second picture is where I am sat right now, I have a spare room which has a cute little day bed in and a desk which I can actually sit at and enjoy using. It is also currently housing Spirit although he is finding his feet around the house. 

I think the next stage for my house is going to be doing up my bedroom and giving my bathroom a teeny makeover to make it feel more cozy for bathtimes.

The Cats:

In my opinion my house would not be a home without the cats. At first it was just me and Prince but I felt like I couldn't give him attention all the time. In the flat it was easy, there were two of us and also it was so small and he went out alot but here he likes to go out for a bit and then come back home and play with all his toys. 
Now Spirit is back with us I'm really hoping they tolerate each other enough to possibly play with each other and knacker each other out while I'm working all day and snoozy when I'm back. Prince will always be my number 1 boy but now Spirit is here I do have to think about him too. Right now I alternate nights of who sleeps in my room and they are both super snuggly cats but currently both want the same spot on the bed!

Obviously things like family, health and working a job I love I am totally thankful for too but my little home is my place where I can do whatever I want and I love it! Bed at 8pm? Sure! Netflix and stuffing my face with Quavers? You betcha! Leaving the dishes overnight? I 100% am!

What are you feeling most thankful for?

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  1. I am also very thankful for my cat. Although I live with my boyfriend I really enjoy Kitten's company when I am alone at home. I am really sorry that I can't play with him while I am at work and he's probably lonely. I also overnight the dishes sometimes and reading that you also do made me laugh:) I am thankful for the people in my life who love me!


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