Wednesday 11 November 2015

Purrstaid Kit - Feline LUTD Awareness!

Hills Science Plan Feline urinary diet


Another cat post today and this time I want to talk about Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease! EXCITING STUFF! Haha no really working with cats I see it every day, cats who come in with LUTD and their previous owners never knew and bought them in for peeing around the house or they get it when they come into the center due to high stress. 

A cat isn't like you or I (obvs) and can't tell us when something is bothering them. Signs like urinating around the house is an obvious one to watch out for, another is going in and out of the litter box alot but not leaving much in there or anything at all. 

I've had issues with Prince and LUTD and sometimes the only thing needed to stop it is medication from a vet but also a change in diet! Feeding your cat with a special diet. I know it's not as cheap as buying supermarket brand but your cats health is SO important! To find out more about urinary diet and how to keep your cats kidneys and bladder healthy then have a look at Hills Science Plan and check out preventative ways to stop your cat getting urinary problems.

Lucky little Prince was sent a Purrstaid Kit which contained some Urinary food, a toy mouse, a water bowl (fresh water is so important!), a little pet hot water bottle and a box of catnip (which was immediately destroyed by Prince).

Hills Science Plan Feline urinary diet

feline urinary health

Did you know that 60% of cat owners have had trouble with their cat urinating in their home and 45% didn't know that urinary problems were a common thing. Although 63% of cat owners thought that some cat foods could cause urinary problems, only 3% changed their cat’s food in an attempt to solve the issue.

There is a list of local places that stock urinary food and also £5 off Hills when you register with them - awesome! :)



  1. I love reading all of your posts about cat. I will remember this post if I have have this problem with my cat.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Good to know. Some problems might be found a bit too late. More people should pay attention to their pets.


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