Monday 19 January 2015

Flamingo Gifts

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I am so so excited to share this post with you all, as you may have noticed my obsession with homewares has been present on this blog since the very sweet beginning and only grown bigger! 

As soon as I spied Flamingo Gifts on my two fave blogs (Temporary Secretary and Sara Waiste) I fell in love, they sell little bits from different designers at super affordable prices. What drew me in was it reminded me of all the little stores I love back home in Devon that sell lots of different interesting pieces from all over, for example the Folklore Teapot, my Mum actually bought for me as a gift last year from a similar store and I really love the print on this - it's so me and hold so much tea!

So basically Flamingo Gifts got in touch and asked little ol' me to pick some of my faves from the website and they would send over a selection. I was so excited, I spent so long on the site and my list was definitely too long but there is so much cute stuff! Here is what I was sent (and so thankful for!): 

kawaii cat bag
Wu & Wu Kitten Cosmetic Bag*
I adore Wu & Wu's Kawaii style and this kitten is no exception.
pyro pet candle pink
Pyro Pet*
Ahhh I've been after a Pyro Pet candle for so so long! It's much bigger than I thought it would be which is a pleasant suprise. I haven't lit it yet as I love the shape of the cat but I also really wanna see the skeleton underneath!!
folk blue owl mug
Folk Blue Owl Mug*
This mug is HUGE which is good because I only like massive cups of tea. The detail is gorgeous and the duck-egg colour is just my ultimate fave right now.

A couple other things I want to mention on their site that I adore/want/need:

flamingo candles uk
There is a HUGE range of Flamingo Candles.
I'd never seen this Aromatherapy one before to help you relax - Lord knows I need this.
Plus I'm already a huge Flamingo Candle fan :)
A floor cushion shaped like a doughnut! Necessary? No. But I lovee.
retro telephone
This beautiful Trim phone would make such a great side-table piece. This day and age most people my age don't have house phones but you can definitely use it for decoration!
Siamese cat salt pepper
Best salt and pepper shaker I've seen. Hands. Down! 

What do you think of Flamingo Gifts? I can't wait to see what new stock they bring in this year!



  1. Omgosh, that candle is ammmmazing! So many fun and quirky pieces, I know Jade would love those salt and pepper shakers.

  2. Amazing store, never heard of it before so have book marked it

  3. I love the pyro pet candles! As soon as I have my own place I'm getting one

  4. Oh my goodmess that Pyro Pets candle is amazing! I hadn't heard of them before and now I really want one!


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