Wednesday 7 January 2015

How A Shaggy Rug Can Make A Room

shaggy rugs uk

Hello there!

Today I want to share with you my favourite thing EVER - my new rug! I mentioned this and showed it off in my 2014 roundup video but I wanted to share it on here aswell and use some better images to show its true beauty!

(wow I never thought I'd be 25 and be ecstatic over homeware instead of clothes and make-up...)

uk soft rug shag grey

My shaggy rug is from 'The Rug Retailer', they have literally the biggest collection of rugs I've ever witnessed so I took about 3 days deciding on the perfect rug. Recently my mum bought me a sheepskin rug, which is being kept for my *fingers crossed* eventual new house, but in the mean time I settled on the 'Whisper' rug in Tungsten

Aswell as having an astronomical range of different rugs, these rugs also come in loads of sizes too! I went for a wild guess and got a 4ftx6ft which actually fits perfectly on my living room floor and I think any smaller would have looked silly in this room. 

When the rug arrived I was so excited, I rolled it right out and it was so, so soft I couldn't help starfish it with joy! It's really plush and furry but didn't leave any fluff on my clothes which is such a plus because now it's become my little spot. I sit there with a cup of tea, cosy lights on and work on my wall hanging on my softy rug - it's my little slice of heaven! 

Even Prince has been getting in on the rug action, and like the faithful companion of mine that he is, settles down beside me in the softness :)

I really feel that a big rug makes a room so cosy and now I have my very own!



  1. Omgosh, there are so many different types! This Whisper one is sweet but I rather like the Tashen rugs! <3 Tara x

  2. i never realized till i lived on my own how important rugs are to making a house look like a home! i'm in the same spot now, i'd much rather buy housewares and decorations than clothes and makeup these days.

    xx m.see

  3. I agree sooo much with this post! We had a hard wearing woven rug down in the living room for three years before last month changing to a shaggy one. Love it. Do I really need any more reasons to sit in front of the tv? No!

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