Monday 7 April 2014

Flower Baths - Lush vs. Miss. Patisserie.

I've been desperate to have a floral bath for such a while now, bathing surrounded by petals seems like a movie scene!

I went for a mini LUSH spree on pay-day and one of the fabulous Cardiff team showed me the new Easter Bubble Bar - Bunny! He was so cute I didn't want to squish him up for my bathtime however with promises of blue cornflowers inside I just had to jump in: 

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LUSH Bunny Bubble Bar - £3.25
Little cutie!
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I was a little dissapointed by the cornflowers are they were more like twigs and a couple of flowers. The smell was delish and very sweet plus the bath water was pink and the bubbles lasted for my whole bath and left me feeling silky smooth.

After I had used my LUSH Bunny I was introduced to a local brand named Miss. Patisserie. I was sent one of their fizzy bath balls which also creates a flower-bath:

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Miss. Patisserie - Bunch of Roses £2.40*
floral baths
rose petal bath water

Unlike lush's cornflowers this fizzy bath ball had full-on rose petals and tiny cassis this created the perfect floral bath! The fragrance lasted for so long I could smell it through my flat all evening. The fizz was also alot bubblier than LUSH's Bunny however the bubbles last about 10mins before the water cleared.

Like LUSH, Miss. Patisserie have super strict Animal Cruelty views and wont use any manufacturer/supplier who tests on animal and are all handmade. Plus they are Cardiff born and bred which is amazing! (but you can buy their products all over the world!) Now I'm bursting to try some more of their bath fizzes like Tropical Flowers and Intergalactic.

I loved having full size petals in my bath I felt so fancy! Have you ever tried one?



  1. You should try secret garden or tisty tosty from lush as they have flowers and smell awesome!!

  2. Looks amazing! I love Lush!

  3. I love your LUSH reviews, these both look so good, what a cool new brand!

    Tara x

  4. I need to try the Lush products. Everyone raves about them and just how nice they small. Your soap looks like a delicious pastry. ;)


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