Friday 25 April 2014

Pins n' Patches


One thing I loveee to add to totes, jackets, coats and hoodies is pin badges and patches! This started when I was a kid when I used to get a pin badge or patch of my fave band or local bands at shows and loved showing them off.

I have them on all sorts but I thought I'd show you my favorites that I wear on my fave jacket:

cats badge berlin badge
I haven't sewn this on yet as you can see but it's on the 'to-do' list!
Stay Home Patch.
I've recently found Explorers Press via Instagram who have an amazing range of patches that are just my kinda thing, here are my personal favorites: 

How awesome are these?! I especially love the 'Psychic' pin badge! Do you wear any patches or pins or know of any other awesome sites?

This weekend I'm off to Devon for a Wedding and a long weekender relaxing in the countryside.

Have a good one!


  1. Phiney Pet the queen of badges has just launched her site with a few kooky badges on! They're amazing!!!

    Hannah xx

  2. Love the 'Stay At Home' club patch, I'm a fan of anything that caters to crazy cat ladies like myself. Loyal fan to Tatty Devine, their pins and brooches are amazing!

    Katie |

  3. aaw, i'm a member of the stay home club too :) i have the angst gang patch.

    also, berlin eisbären yeah! haha, i didn't know they sold pins, i always avoid the merch shop at the games, will have to find one. i love explorers press, holding off on buying from there at the minute because i can't decide what i want, too much choice!! i love this post though, i might have to do my own pins and patches post :D xx

  4. How do we get hold of these patches? There are any number of companies that manufacture embroidery patches.Custom Embroidered Patches


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