Thursday 10 April 2014

Lazy Oaf - NOW I love you!

I'm not normally a fan of 'wacky' looking prints and crazy clothing and always shyed away from Lazy Oaf as I wasn't into loud leggings and burger beanie hard. My feelings have changed since my most recent visit to their site and now I feel Lazy Oaf have changed quite a bit this S/S and toned it down//made prints that will suit even the timid people like myself.

Here are my fave picks from their site right now:

uk style blogger
You Prick Dress - £65
This is my perfect dress, loose fit, nice cut and Cacti allll over it! I think I would wear it to death.
Quay Charlie Pink Sunglasses - £25
These would look slamming with the above dress.
In the Roses Dress - £65
I love this, I don't think it comes with the under garments - if it did then it's the best dress ever! Sheer is so hard to pull off unless you are ultra skinny (which I'm most definitely not!).
Weird Tote - £8.50
Make Me Blush Dress - £65
I love the shape on this dress, the little collar and button down is so cute.

What do you think of Lazy Oaf? And how do you like these items?


  1. I've only just discovered them! Rather randomly, by interviewing a stylist who works for them lol and I do love their stuff, so kooky and witty. My fave piece here is probably the prick dress ;)

  2. The you prick dress, I love it! xx

  3. I love Lazy O af - the first dress is really cute.

    Claudia xxx

  4. Lazy Oaf always has the coolest things! I love their stuff. Shame it's pricey...

  5. Those sunglasses are so cute! And the last dress is adorable! xxx

  6. The dress at the bottom is stunning, I saw it on ASOS's Facebook earlier and thought I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!
    But then I saw the price :( xxxx

  7. Omg! Lazy Oaf is so cute!!! So pricey though :( But the colors and prints are so cute and really lovely!
    xx, Malena

  8. Their collaboration with Nasty Gal yielded some of my favorite items by them ever. I want that cactus dress also but seems to be sold out everywhere now in S/M. ;___;


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