Tuesday 8 April 2014

The Way of Wagamama.

Wagamamas do the BEST events. I've been to 2 other events at Wagagmamas and despite being a massive fan of theirs - this 3rd one has to be their best yet! 

A very tiny group of 6 of us were invited to come and meet with their Executive Chef Steve and taste expert Christy Fergusson (of Channel 4 fame!) while we discuss our eating habits and try branching out of our comfort zones and trying different dishes.
The reason why I say branching out as I'm sure any of you Wagaz regulars will know, most of us find our fave dish on the menu and stick with it - we go to Wagamamas to have THAT dish. I always get the Chicken Ramen (sometimes if I'm feeling crazy I'll go for the Chicken Katsu) and this event was set out to help me discover similar dishes on the menu.

It all kicked off with wine: 

The first dish Steve handed to me was the Chicken Itame. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to curry based food however this was way too fragrant for me and the chilies in it made it too spicy. But I do love soupy dishes with meat and veg!

Next up was the winner! Hitting the nail on the head by steering me away from noodles but still giving me a soupy, soy based dish was the Chicken Tama rice. I loved all the greens, the sticky rice and the soup that got soaked up into it - I will definitely be ordering this one!

Steve had one more trick up his sleeve, he decided to go off the menu and create a special dessert for us Cardiff ladies: Katsu Curry Ice Cream! 
It was crazy my brain was telling me this wasn't right - hot Katsu curry sauce over cool coconut ice cream BUT my mouth was loving it! I hope the experiment with this a bit more and get it out there for more people to try!

Since the introduction of the new placemats more people are trying new things which is awesome! The whole point of the campaign is to get people to steer away from their usual and to try something else. Some of the names are a bit wild and hard to say so with the placemats actually getting to see each ingredient in the dish is one great way of getting people to branch out.

Are you a Wagamama fan and do you stick to the same thing? I really recommend taking a closer look at the menu - don't forget everything is cooked FRESH so if there is one ingredient you want to swap it can be done! :)



  1. This looks like my dream event!

  2. Ohhh maaa gerrddd, I was actually at Wagamama today and had the Chicken Katsu Curry! But that dessert... Oh my, it's like when I used to eat Quavers and use them as mini curved shovels to scoop up my ice cream - surprisingly satisfying!

    Claire xo

  3. Can we have a Wagamama date soon? I always go for the yaki soba and pad thai. My mouth is watering look at these pictures!

  4. HELLO CULPRIT! I always get Chicken Katsu Curry. ALWAYS. I think its because it's always so good :P I havent been in since the placemats have changed, so I will vow to try something new :)
    Rosie x
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